Queer Tango at the 2014 Gay Games!!

Queer tango has been around and growing for some 12 years now, and for the very first time in 2014, the Gay Games will include in the Dancesport division, an Argentine tango competition. A lot of outreach was done in developing the rules for this competition both within the queer tango world and in the straight tango world, in an effort to create a competition that could be taken seriously by any tango aficionado and would still reflect Argentine tango as it is danced on the social dance floor in the queer tango world. QueerTango San Francisco volunteered to post the rules on our website for everyone who is interested to see.
We encourage those of you who enjoy performing or challenging yourself in such a venue, or who want to reach a larger audience to grow our community, to read the rules and consider participating in this event and helping to grow queer tango. In the Bay Area, those of us who are participating don't see this so much as an interpersonal or team competition as we see it as an impetus to become a better tango dancer, to help each other, and to strengthen our queer tango community. If you are a dancer who enjoys a different kind of personal challenge or cannot see doing tango as performance, we hope you will consider coming to watch and cheer. Auriel and Winter will be there, with Maya and the rest of "Team Tango" (the only team to be made up of all the competitors in the event!), to show the international Gay Games audience of thousands a new dance. We would love for you to join us.
Winter & Auriel
QueerTango San Francisco



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